About Me

Currently studying Photography at University. Interests range from Portraiture to Documentary. Just starting my career as a freelance photographer.

A brief history to why I picked up a camera and still do to this day.

I often get asked why I chose photography, usually up until now I’ve never really conjured up a suitable answer. Everything I said up to now has always felt shall we say inadequate or a lie. The truth is I didn’t set out to become a photographer, instead my interests lay in the moving image, cinematography to be more precise. With a father who works within the BBC my career dream simply was to become a camera man. This however never took shape due to my dad deterring me as he was aware of the upcoming changes a foot with the way the BBC was going, in terms of making redundancies and have people work self employed. Still very much interested in cinematography I looked to cinema and ways I could involve myself in a career I would later continue to love and enjoy. It was at this point I learnt of the job of a film critic / reviewer a job that seemed almost too good to be true. It was as I thought, too good to be true as i would have to pursue a career in journalism to even begin to reach the golden pipe dream, and to tell the truth I almost did yet I doubted myself and to some degree continue to, to this day as my writing has never been particularly strong (even after taking an A – Level in English Lit/Lang). However it was my Art teacher who steered me onto this path of Photography by helping me realise my potential as well as my photographic eye and graphic style. I guess in a sense the rest of my story is rather self explanatory as after pursuing art and heavily focusing upon photography I eventually decided to take a degree in Photography. Over time I realised I was attached and fascinated by narrative, a key element that features heavily in my photography inspired by my knowledge of cinematography.

However my story doesn’t  stop there, in fact it only just starts. Although I have issues with my writing i’ve started this blog as a means of self improvement, deep down I do enjoy writing and if I put my mind to it I probably could frequently write about cinema and moving image.  Due to video convergence, photographers now have to adapt to the changing tide of still and videography. Which means my dreams of cinematography are not quite over with yet as I can now combine the two mediums that I have grown to love. I guess its down to fate then, that my final year of university specialise in both video and stills.


“If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug a camera” – Lewis Hine. 


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