POST – Conclusion

I feel for my conclusion as they are so many parts to it, the best way to counter this is to split each element of the project into its own mini conclusion. This way I can express all of my thoughts as well as give a well rounded analysis of what I feel I have achieved.


Have I achieved aura? This is the now the question I repeatedly ask myself during and after the project. At times during POST I believed I did especially in the early footage I created on the LomoKino. The scratches and dust that covered the negative gave it this magic that I felt would not have been possible without. So when watching the film the scratches and dust dance before you eyes in the hues and swirls of colour. This to me is an Aura conjured through alteration and chance.

As for the postcards the center piece of the project I would like to say quite controversially say no. Although they too have been physically alliterated much in the same way as the film. A part of me says no because I don’t want to achieve an aura so soon. I want to keep exploring this phenomena in more detail in future projects! I don’t want have all the answers just right now.

However I will say one thing I am certainly more closer to achieving this Aura then I was in my previous two projects, T.R.A.U.T.S. and Curiosity Altered the Portrait!

Mail Art

There was always the possibility that this project could of gone one of two ways. The first being a success the second being a flop. Fortunately for me it is certainly not the latter. It might have taken some time, possibly a lot longer then it should. However POST is gaining the attention it deserves which I am grateful for. It proves that people are akin to my ideas and still believe in traditional values.

I’m sure I will be receiving postcards for next couple of years now, however I see this as a great opportunity which will force me to continue these project and produce something from it. Hence the completion of the Lomo film, or creating the typological book for real. I could even seek future gallery exhibits. I feel there is a future for this project, which I’m looking forward to pursuing.


What POST has taught me is how resilient a photograph can be. Regardless of the marks, blends and tears it has gain from it journeys. The photograph has remained strong, a solid object.

I am glad that decided to explore materiality at the beginning of the year it has lead me to so many interesting artists and projects. I feel by looking at a photograph as an ‘object’ as a posed to an image has changed my out look on photography. Its open many more possibilities for me to explore and allows me to work within a subject which I feel passionate about. Analogue traditional, film, nostalgia are all important to me, so its create I can responded to these ideas in my work a rebel against the digital bubble!


In retrospect its hard to believe that this project all began through the concept of chance, yet at the same time it just made sense to. For the future I’ve decided to pursue any random ideas that pop into my head as this project proves what can happen as a result.

Chance I feel has become a key component to the way in which I work, and so far for the better!However as part of the POST curse I will be constantly haunted by postboxes now as a result of this project, constantly seeking and photographing them. Lucky I would not be the only one as several contributors have told me similar stories!


Originally I set out to create a typology and I feel if you were to remove all the other aspects of this project I believe I have achieved this. Of course it may not be as well polished as the Becher’s, however thats part of its charm of how utterly chaotic it is in comparison.

What I love about the typology is the freedom to constantly add, remove, move around the photographs. Make interesting patters or set themes. Amongst the chaos however there has been this very methodical process behind the project. Which I feel resonates quite strongly in most if not all typologies.  I am happy with the postcards which have been produced by myself and the contributors I just cannot wait to find a way to display then in a which the work deserves.

Final Words

In the end I’m happy with what I have produced thus far. I might not have got everything I would of like to get completed yet that is part of my over ambitious nature. At the time of writing I have received 104 postcards, my aim at the beginning was to receive a 100 before the deadline so I have reached my quota. Before I end I would like to thank everyone who taken part so far, and special thank you to those who repeatedly mail me postboxes, all the contributions have been amazing! I hope you have enjoyed reading about the project as much as I have writing about it.


~ by stuartmatthewsphotography on April 26, 2013.

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