Self Publish be Happy

I discovered the organisation a while ago and ever since been inspired by the work which is often showcased. For those who don’t know Self Publish be Happy promotes work from emerging artists in the shape of photographs and self published books. They also run displays, exhibitions, and talks on how to go about self publishing your work.

Their website is constantly full of new and exiting work, from standard books designs, to books of a more quirky nature. It was the alternative styles artists who were presenting their work that really stood out to me.

Truth be told it has motivated me, got me thinking whether I could create a book. I realised as POST is not your standard run of the mill project I could also make a quirky book to display my work. However I would have to produce something slightly different, something which would work within the confines of the project!

With typologies, films, and books all rolling around my head at the moment, producing a self published book is still at an idea stage. As POST has the potential to grow and grow, I find it exciting how I could present my work in some many different ways.

For now check out Self Publish be Happy, hopefully the work you see on their inspires you as much as it has inspired me!


~ by stuartmatthewsphotography on April 25, 2013.

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