As the deadline looms closer I thought it would rather apt to blog about all the possible ways I could exhibit my work. Based on the principle that skies the limit below I’ve brainstormed different ideas.


My original idea which I have been considering for a while now is to display a large selection of the postcards received in a large grid like typology. Much in a similar style to the Becher’s ‘Water tower’ and ‘Gas tanks.’

Suspended by wire the postcards would have to be encased in a perspex frame allowing the viewer to walk 360 degrees around the POST typology. Although this is an ambitious idea it would give my typology an edge that the Bechers and other artists before haven’t considered.


It’s become quiet apparent to me that my POST film won’t be ready in time for the deadline or the degree show. Due to time constraints I feel the film is know where near ready and would be something that I am interested in pursuing over the summer.

However after seeing Jonas Mekas at the Serpentine gallery I very much interested in producing a set of prints of selected frames from the film so far. That way people can still experience essence of the film while understanding the multilayered nature to my work. These prints could be from A4 to A3 sat in thin black frames which would sit adjacently to the hanging typology.


Still in the early stages of planning and preparation the book will also not be ready for the deadline. However it would be nice to produce a prototype for the degree show. Based upon the concertina design seen in “Every Building on the Sunset Strip”
(1966) by Ed Rushca, I’ve decided to create a tactitle, handmade book. Which will allow the viewer to hold and turn over the book like viewing a postcard. One side would be a column of postboxes while the reverse would display the corresponding writing.

Moving away from the traditional  format my book would become the artwork much in the same way as Ed Rushca’s photo books. I have even devised ways in which the viewer could hang the concertina onto a wall (by opening it out fully). By realsing future volumes, buyers could purchase their very own POST typolopy as the columns of postboxes will grow to form a grid when hang side by side on a wall.

Post Related 

This idea was sparked in a class discussion that I should exhibit my work in a unique way that relates back to subject and context of the project. I shouldn’t simply present my work in frames but create something more along the lines of fluxus art.

  • Bombastic ideas such as a room full of postboxes postcards as if the viewer has walked into the interior of a postbox or a serial killers room! (Take your pick)
  • Boxes upon boxes of postcards allow people to dive in and pick up postboxes at random.
  • A swimming pool of postboxes… (my personal favorite)
  • Acquiring a real postbox to display the postcards within. (An over the top idea but could be worth asking The Postal Museum to see if they would help me out)
  • A large pin board, something similar to which postman use in a postoffice and sorting office to post my maps and photographs to.

The list goes on….

 Final Thoughts

As the University is still trying to organise show space, there is talk of standardisation of showing a single A1 print. As this goes against the grain of my project I admit I not entirely clear how I will present my work. Although my ideas are ambitious hopefully I will be able to find away which can incorporate some of the elements that I have mentioned above. It would be nice to exhibit my work the way that I have intended but sacrifice are likely to be made. Although this is an annoyance I shall have to wait until the degree show guide lines are made clearer. Until then I will have to keep brainstorming and keep my options open.


~ by stuartmatthewsphotography on April 25, 2013.

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