One of the aspects I love about psychogeography is mapping, recording the routes you’ve taken and plotting routes for future journeys. As a kid I’ve always been fascinated by maps, they are practical pieces of art.

During POST I’ve been using maps pretty regularly, I don’t think I’ve left the house without one in tucked in my pocket. Print outs from google, tubes maps, and postbox maps. Have traveled with me for days, getting beat up, creased, and in some cases eventually tearing into pieces.

Personally I feel it isn’t effective to simply scan in all my maps during the project here on this blog. I feel you will lose the physical nature of the map. By seeing it as an image as a pose to an worn object. So as result I’ve been putting together a journal to stick all my findings together. Filled with maps, with hand drawn journeys plotted across them, photographs, and mementos from my trips. The journal is a scrap book a hand crafted look into my travels. It’s imperfect and spontaneous.

As maps and atlases interest me I’ve also constructed a series of map related postcards which look at the nature of mapping and my journeys. Some of these consist of hand drawn routes, arial photographs of the location of the postbox. As well as quotes and personal reflections.

To prove how much of a map loving geek I am here are a selection of map related videos and sites of cool things I’ve found on the internet the past couple of weeks.

Mapped: Oyster Card touch ins and outs

Discovered this video via Timeout which records Oyster Card users (Like myself) Touch in and out of the tube through out the day.

As a result of being shown in the London Transport Museum exhibit ‘Sense and the city’ it inspired Jo Wood from the University of London to create this trippy visual of the first five million Boris bike journeys.

Alternative Tube Maps

In keeping with the London Underground a seres of alternative tube maps found on What attracts me to these maps is how you take the classic design and complete transform it into something new and exciting.

New York Subway Guide

Ok so maybe I am a little obsessed, but this is beautiful! I would love to have a copy of this 1972 New York Subway Guide. Click on the link to read more about the design!

Find My Nearest Postbox

Ok this site along side google maps has helped me out and lot. Simply type in your post code and it will flag up every single postbox in your area. I’ve used it all over the place and has become a great asset to my work especially for plotting journies. The majority of the maps you find in my journal are from this site!


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