The Introductory Project Proposal (Version 2)

The Introductory Project Proposal 

Title: “Curiosity altered the portrait” 

As part of my six week introductory project I will be looking at the themes of decay, deconstruction, deterioration otherwise known under the movement of “Actual Art.” Interesting in the themes materiality, aura, banality, sociality, and the subconscious I would like to use the methods of flypostering to paste my images outside in an environment where they do not belong. Challenging the materiality of the image and by turning the photograph into an object. I want to document the “change” which takes place with the passing of time.

This will eventually lead me down the path of looking at portraiture, the passing of time and the alteration of images through deterioration. I want to look at flypostering as its still viewed as a guerilla method which hasn’t been exploited fully in photography. I also want to explore the ideas of reconstruction, deconstruction and the change in context when altering the placement of a photograph. During the project I will look at different ways I can manipulate a portrait either through natural means or using different man made techniques.

Ultimately I want to challenge peoples perceptions about society and materiality by evoking a sense of curiosity through the methods I portray my work. Doing this by providing limited information I want my photographs to appear ambiguous and vague to conjure a response from the viewer and for them to input their own views and beliefs. This has always interested me how other photographers and artists have done this before me.

During the six weeks I’ll be looking at photographers, drawing initial inspiration from renowned portrait photographer Richard Avedon, paying particular attention to the methods in his “American West” series where he revolutionised the studio portrait by shooting his subjects out on location in front of a white back drop. I shall also be looking at the contemporary portrait photographer Chris Floyd in comparison to Avedon. Examining the lesser known works of Alma Haser, Aliki Braine, Japanese duo Nerhol, Pauline Darley, and the intriguing artist Maurizio Anzeri who apply more artist methods when reconstructing and altering their images. I aim to gain knowledge of the different methods involved and why artists and photographers are now intent in reconstructing an image, especially in portraiture. What joins these photographers and artists is the prevalent theme of materiality which intertwines and weaves throughout their work. The question is why? and what messages are they trying to put across?

Whilst searching for these answers hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will encounter even more artists and photographers who help guild, inspire and strengthen my ideas as my project grows. I would like this project to lead into my FMP eventually as I think some of these ideas and themes I put forth can potentially be explored in more detail and on a much larger scale. More importantly I see this project as portal for experimentation, and problem solving, a platform for me to test ideas and to develop them into strong foundations for my FMP.


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